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Design custom invitation cards to your 50th birthday party with your own text and photo
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"I'm very happy with the cards that I ordered from CupCard. I have got plenty of nice comments about our beautiful baby shower invitations. The experience from the website was great and I felt that the design tool was easy to use, while still keeping it professional. The only thing I was not super excited about was that the envelopes had a slight sense of perfume, but it was not a big problem."

- Jonna

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50th Birthday

Write your own text and change each template the way you want with our easy to use design tool.

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Unique Invitations To Your 50th Birthday Party

The day of your 50th birthday is getting closed and it is starting to get difficult to excuse yourself anymore from being "middle age". But don't worry, it is not as bad as it sounds. I would like to argue the opposite, this is the time that you have been looking forward to. Your children is becoming adults and is moving away from home, you have hopefully reached a position in your career that you are happy with and you can live a comfortable life. As you can see, the 50's is a great age, so why not celebrate your 50th birthday with a memorable birthday party?

Here you can find many different templates in different styles and themes that is a great fit for a birthday party. Choose a card you like and load it into our design tool. From there you can edit and customize every detail and make sure that you get a unique and personal invitation card to your 50th birthday party.

With just a few clicks you can replace the current text on the card with a text of your own words. You can also change fonts and colors, and even upload your own pictures and photos that you can edit with beautiful filters and effects to get the best results possible. Our design tool here at CupCard make sure that you get as beautiful invitation cards to your 50th birthday as possible, and cards that your guests will definitely be impressed by.

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